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Active Member - $35.00: A person involved in the regulation of safety and health in the environment, both natural and

man-made, or is otherwise responsible for enforcement of municipal, county, state or federal codes and who resides or is

employed in the State of Missouri shall be eligible for regular membership and upon payment of established dues shall be

known as an "Active Member".

Associate Member - $50.00: Any student, non-resident or individual interested in code enforcement.

Supporting Agency - $75.00: A governmental agency shall be considered a Supporting Agency with a $75.00 contribution, renewable annually. (This does not include individual membership)

Retired Membership – No Charge: Retired membership shall be restricted to any person who was a member of this Association and is not qualified for membership in any other category as defined by this article. Retired Members shall be exempt from dues and shall be awarded such membership by a majority vote of any quorum meeting of the Board ofDirectors. Such members may attend regular meetings, may serve on any committee but may not otherwise vote or hold office. (Approved and amended 2004 annual meeting.)

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